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It’s Fun to Be with Kids

Sangeeta ChavanTeaching is like gardening. We work hard, plant seeds, love and nurture growth and believe in our hearts that we can do something, even if it is little.

Hanging out with children all day keeps you young and it makes huge difference in our lives, although we don’t realize it. We are constantly learning new things. We build positive relationship with students and parents as well. Parents look for our advice and guidance. If Kids do something like watching videos on mobile, often parents request us to tell kids not to watch it as kids listen to their teachers more.

Children teach us as much as we teach them. We act as a guide to them. Innocent comment from them makes us happy. I love listening to their ideas and watching the way their mind works. Watching friendships blossom between them always warms my heart.

In our school we start each day with circle time. Circle time includes conversing with kids about today’s date, day, season etc. This helps them to develop co-ordination between them and surrounding world. Kids are very eager to share what has happened the earlier day or their plans about weekend.

I love observing the games that they come up with, especially when they don’t know that I am silently watching them. I love their instant feedback about my own performance.

I love interacting with the kids. Being a teacher is one of the hardest job but it is fun at the same time. Kids are special; they are innocent without any bitterness.

I feel I have chosen the best profession in the world.

Sangeeta Chavan

Saraswati Mandir Trust, Thane

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