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“It’s fun to be with kids”

Akshataa Kasturey smt thane

Take a moment and allow your mind to travel to a time when you were little kid, playing in a garden among the leaves and trees without any botheration of the world. Set aside any time to let loose and have some fun, be with kids to enjoy their life for all its worth. Being with kids enjoying their unconditional love, care gives you positive energy.

As a teacher of these little kids I have this positive energy around me. When I observe them in a free play session, they enjoy the things around them whether they are puzzles, toys of any small things like bottle caps, tissue rolls etc. Which we feel as waste material but they enjoy it with their own imagination. When they draw or write something on board and ask us sometimes we are not able to make out what it is but they are very clear on their own concepts which are very fine. We as an adult are not able to see but they are clear about their drawings, thoughts. I remember one incidence; one of my kids was feeling very hot and was very uneasy. Earlier he might have visited our principles cabin and felt very comfortable as the cabin has AC. Remembering that experience he asked me “teacher take me to madam’s cabin. I will feel cool”. This can happen only with kids having innocent mind and clear thoughts.

Children don’t have walls build up around themselves. They love unconditionally, freely, openly and honestly with their heart. They keep the things simple. They even don’t know what ugly means because they don’t perceive ugliness within themselves or the world around them. They know only true love and beauty. I am very fortunate to witness and experience this pure beauty of life. To be part of their learning age, teaches me “innocence is the heart of life”. Learn to forgive. Leave what has happened yesterday and go with a smile to welcome tomorrow.

Yes it’s fun to be with kids.

Akshataa Kasturey

Saraswati Mandir Trust, Thane

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