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“It’s fun to be with kids”

Aruna Surlekar

“Its fun to be with kids” when I write this, I really mean it as I feel being with them, I can always be ‘what I am.’ When I am around them, I feel happy, loved and free to express myself without the feeling of being judged. I get to re-live the happiest feelings of my childhood all over again. There is something about the innocence of children that is very genuine and real and being with them inspires me greatly.

Being with kids is so fun, the way they express their feelings, emotions, thoughts and creativity is astonishing. They are full of surprises and curiosity and to satisfy their curiosity is a challenge but fun. Kids have this amazing ability to come up with cool and crazy ideas when you give them opportunity. Talking to them, doing art and craft, playing fun games with them, teach them in a play-way method is so much fun.

I believe every adult has a child’s heart within. It’s nice to be around kids and be a child again. I enjoy singing and teaching rhymes to them and I am amazed the way they catch my expressions every time. When I narrate stories to them, they get so engrossed. The expression in their eyes is priceless- their eyes say it all. It’s exciting to make a child understand something by being a child with them. There is nothing better in my opinion then being able to “play” all day; and for children play is their work.

Its fun to be with kids because they teach me things that I never would have known without them. Kids teach me valuable life lessons; teach me how to be fearless and confident. They teach me how to appreciate the little things in life. The most important lesson they teach me is unconditional love. A caring gesture or a hug or a big smile from a kid is the biggest gift I cherish.

The feeling of making a change in a child’s life is the biggest compliment. I love my job as I truly believe “Kids make life the best kind of busy.”

Aruna Surlekar

Saraswati Mandir Trust, Thane

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