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"Early Childhood Education"

Seema ShahEarly Childhood and Education centre is a place where young children learn as they play and share experience with other children under the supervision of the adults;

Children need to be kept engaged in play; proper equipment should be provided for them which are not only entertaining and amusing but also helpful in their physical, mental and emotional development. Teacher plays an important role. Their learning should be guided by her. Many Children of the same age come together. They must learn to share, to help each other. They develop habits of getting along with others like not hitting, but asking rather than snatching. The child needs nothing but love so a teacher should be understanding and loving. She should be warm, Kind and loving. She should really enjoy being with the children and taking care of them for eg; such as a potter gives shape to a pot in that way, we have to mould or give shape to the children under our care and help them to grow.

Teacher should provide unlimited variety of waste materials such as bottle caps, cloth and paper for adequate practice for all the children, papers given to the children for free hand movement that they need, giving wet chalk to write on the floor etc. Teacher should also provide healthy atmosphere in the school. School is the place where values like cleanliness such as brushing, bathing, cutting nails, wearing clean clothes, washing hands before and after eating food are inculcated. The child not only requires physical care, health and nutritional needs but also a socializing atmosphere that contributes to its emotional and intellectual growth. Teacher plays an important part in helping the child to be away from the parents and to cope with the separation.

In this way teacher plays a very important role for the Education of the children.

Seema Shah

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