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"Early Childhood Education"

Manisha DhaleEarly Childhood is a process of knowing the psychology of children. It is important to understand the history of early childhood educational theories and practices. It gives us an overview about the paths that early childhood has taken. It explores the social norms about parenting and the changing ideas about education for young children. This education leads the child to continued success in school, at work and leads to better well rounded emotionally and socially. The theories related to this education help the educators and parents know what to expect from children at different stages of development.

Preschool and kindergarten are important beginnings to the academic careers of children. Parents and teachers involved in this, help the kids to master the material and to relax and enjoy learning.

When young children begin school, it can be stressful for parents, children and teachers. Children are anxious when they go to school in the beginning. Teachers face each year with a classroom full of nervous faces.

We the teachers are the facilitators in their path to guide them to achieve their goals. It is the prime responsibility of the teacher to nurture the children in their tender age. It should involve one to one communication with every child. This helps to build a rapport with the child and to know what is going on his mind. Children are innocent and it is very difficult to grab their attention in that span of time. The facilitator needs to settle the children in their initial days. Once the children are settled, education is imparted through play way method and other techniques. The techniques may involve teaching aids, puzzles, blocks, stories, rhymes, music, puppets, etc. Once you draw the attention of children then it becomes an easy task to carry your activities.

On the whole, I believe early childhood education involves deep study about child psychology which is very essential in this field.

Manisha Dhale

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